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China Jurassic Park

China Jurassic Park is located in JinSha Cyathea Spinulosa Nationali Nature Reserve of the experimental area in Chishui,, away from  Chishui city 40 km. Chishui Cyathea Spinulosa National Nature Reserve area is the only nature reserve area that cyathea spinulosa and theirs living environment for the protection objects, area of 133 square kilometers. It has the largest and most wide cyathea spinulosa forset, more than 30,000, deserves to be called "the Kingdom of Cyathea" zone. In October 2000, the National Tourism Administration approved Chishui Cyathea Spinulosa National Nature Reserve Area set up signs of plant "the age of reptiles", their environment as sightseeing garden, and named "China Jurassic Park". It introduced Jurassic to foreign visitors, sowed the earth original ecosystem nature landform. It was the only nature ecology garden of Jurassic.

    The park opened three sections that Gangou, Dashuigou, Liangchahe for visitors, area of 38 square kilometers. This is a eco-tourism area, you will fell back to nature and enjoy the ancient style. The paleontological fossils cyathea spinulosa and their ecological environment are the main landscape. Great difference in altitude, danxia cliffs steep, flowing waterfall intensive, rich in wildlife species, rare plants and animals are good here.It is a place that lush plants, rich species, good natural environment, and an ideal base for Eco- tourism, scientific research education.

Foguangyan Scenic Spot (Wu Zhu Feng Scenic Spot)

Foguangyan Scenic Spot is the important part of Chishui national scenic spot, is one of the core area of Chishui Danxia. It is away from Chishui city 44km, away from Yuanhou 8km, from BinAn towm 30 km. There is simple and ancient scenic environment. The most typical landform is Danxia. It has the good reputations of "the First Garden of Danxia", "Chishui¡¯s Unique". Three sides of Scenic connected to Jinsha Cyathea national nature conservation area. It has great difference in altitude, which between 500m to 1300m.Mountains are more than 1200m. The scenic spot known as "Danxia cliffs, the world wonders" Foguangyan and the "created by nature" Wuzhufeng as its main attractions. Foguangyan is annular danxia cliff, 300 meters high, and more than 1000 meters wide, like a giant hieroglyphics spread out in clouds. Under the Sunshine, cliffs bright as rosy cloud, a hanging waterfalls fall from the cliff, dispersed water fog like smoke to give the Cliffs inspirited vitality, forming a giant word "fo". Chibi connected with Wuzhufeng consists of five towers of danxia mountain peaks, and Peculiar shape. It is masterpiece of the nature. There are numerous ferns and green vines, against the red cliffs.

Foguangyan Scenic Spot is praised as "the best development Danxia landform in Chishui, the most homogeneous, one of the most typical area" by Professor HuangJin in Sun Yat-Sen.

Ecological Gallery Four Waterfall Valley Scenic Spot

Ecological Gallery Four Waterfall Valley Scenic Spot away from the urban area 15km, the main area is made up of 4 waterfalls, each 1 km away from the waterfall, located on a stream, is a typical cascade waterfalls. In the Scenic area, the valley is deep and long, covered with trees, and spring merged into the waterfall. Flourish green bamboos on the mountain, red stone paths stretching to the distance, Danxia rocks circled on the top of mountains, the fragrance of brown insect tea overflowing, which condensed into a site of color landscape. It is bestowed titles of "Faultless Scenery Distrct", "Daughter of a Wealthy Family" and "Garden of Bamboos".

    Into the Four Waterfall Valley, where you can watch the ShuiLiangdong waterfall, YueLiangtan waterfall that as lovely as curved silver comb, FeiWayan waterfall and BaiLongtan waterfall that with rain and fog. Here you can join the Miao bonfire party, and go to the Datong River rafting and fighting the waves.

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