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Bing'an ancient town

Bing'an ancient town in Chishui is a historical and cultural town of Guizhou Province, 25 kilometers away from Chishui. It has convenient traffic in both land and water, the original ecological integrity, the forest coverage rate reached 92.5%. The ancient town built in the Chishui River on steep rock, backed by mountains, surrounded by water of three sides , masonry for gate, stone for the walls, built hanging attics by the mountains, weather-beaten for thousand years , remains as firm as a rock. Bing'an ancient town was the famous inn and commodity distribution centre for Sichuan's salt into Guizhou province in ancient times. In 1840, the Qing Dynasty poet ChenXijin after visiting Bing'an ancient town, said that "seeing ships of salt compete for parking, receiving goods in the sunset". In 1994, it approved by the State Council as a national key scenic spot.

Bing'an ancient town was filled with red legend.  On January 25, 1935, the First Red Army was ordered to attack the Chishui County, prepared for the central Red Army from the North crossed the Yangtze River between Luzhou and Yibin and then to join together. After the head of regiment LinBiao captured Bing'an, he set the headquarters of regiment and headquarters of second division in Bing'an ancient town, ordered and developed famous Bing'an, fuxiangchang and Huangpidong battles. On January 28th, in order to ensure the smooth crossing of Chishui, corps was ordered back to Tucheng support, opened the campaign of "crossing the Chishui river four times". In 2005, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Propaganda Department, the National Tourism Bureau etc, approved Bing'an to the national red tourism classic site, and included in the one of national red tourism line. The First Red Army memorial in Bing'an has become the only museum in the country. Bing'an government, the newly developed area, and the ancient town located at the two side of river. Government area is located near the Chií¬Xi (Chishui to Xishui) road, with falls, bridges, trees, and unique antique houses, known as the little jiangnan. I t was an ideal place for office work and entainment. In Bing'an, water, electricity, communication and other infrastructure are well, tourism facilities well-equipped. Every year, it receives tourists nearly 200,000, income more than 1,500 million.

People in Bing'an ancient town are hospitality, welcome you to travel zealous.

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