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Red Rock Wild Valley Scenic Spot (Yangjiayan)

Red Rock Wild Valley Scenic Spot is located in Huaping Riverside of Datong Ancient Town of Chishui City, 16 kilometers to the downtown area. The core scenic area is about 5 square kilometers. The red honeycomb Danxia fresco stone carving gallery is the most characteristic landscape. Danxia fresco stone carving gallery is about 1000 meters wide, 40 meters high, 15 meters deep, on the cliffs many strange landscapes remind you imagination, a dragon lying under the rock where the head, tail and body of the dragon as vivid as life. Magical Danxia golden frogs, golden beetles, interfax stone will tell you the history of jurassic and take you to feel the wonders of the Danxia shock and the beautiful murals, which red as fire, as sunset. After NPC Vice Chairman Wang guangying fieldwork to the Yangjiayan, inscription for the fancy landscape "Top of Danxia Geology, City of Waterfall". The dense forests, crystal-clear spring, as if the person were brought to the original and natural Jurassic period, the unique natural land scope will make you enjoy so much as to forget to go home.

After investigate the field, professor HuangJin who was China's chief expert of landform, called it "natural stone, wonderful, rare", with high ornamental value and tourism value of expedition.