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Introduction of ChiShui

¢ñ.The brief introduction of geography, history and resources

ChiShui is located in northwest of ZunYi in GuiZhou province, and is located in the transition zone that YunNan-GuiZhou Plateau and Sichuan Basin (Location: 105¡ã36¡ä35¡åE¡«106¡ã15¡äE, 28¡ã16¡äN¡«28¡ã17¡ä02¡åN. The axis length East to west is 61.8km, north to south is 55.35km.) .Its East and southeast are next to Xishui county, south, north, west and northwest at the junction of three counties of Sichuan province Gulin, Xuyong, Hejiang. Total area of the city is 1,801 square kilometers, and its population is nearly 30 million.

Chishui is not only famous for the beautiful and mysterious Chishui River, but also because has won its fame at home and abroad by the Red Army won the victory ¡°Crossing the Chishui River four times ¡± in 1935.

1. Good position and convenient traffic. Chishui River moves round the ChiShui city. It empties into the Yangtze River downstream 60km, is an important gateway Guizhou to Sichuan and Chongqing, and is the largest port in Guizhou province. In ancient, it is the first port that the Sichuan salt to guizhou, known as ¡°Sichuan-Guizhou lock and key¡±, ¡°Guizhou pearl¡±. By land ,the city proper of Chishui is 300 km to Zunyi, 240 km to Chongqing, 340 km to Chengdu and 78 km to Luzhou. In Chengdu, Chongqing and Luzhou airport have opened flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming and other domestic cities.

2. Long history and rich culture heritage. According to archaeological findings, as early as the Neolithic period, there are human beings in this area. The Grand third year in Song Dynasty(AD1109), since the construction of Renhuai county, dating back nearly 900 years history. Historically, Chishui belongs to Sichuan, In the sixth year of Qing Emperor Yongzheng(AD1728), it transferred to Guizhou with Zunyi. In the Republic third year, established Chishui county, it was named for the city in October 1990.

3. Humid monsoon climate zone in Central Asia.

Within the complex terrain, altitude from 221 meters to 1730.1 meters . It has average annual temperature of 18.1¡æ, annual average rainfall of 1292.3mm, sunshine hours 1290 hours, an average 82 percent relative humidity. It is very suitable for various plants.

4. Beautiful scenery and rich resources.

1).Bamboo Resources: Chishui is the hometown of bamboo. The bamboo area of the city is more than 80,000 hectares, of which 3,3000 hectares of Phyllostachys pubescens. Annual Chishui outputs Phyllostachys pubescens goods 4,000,000. There are other economic bamboo 46,666 hectares, annual outputs fresh bamboo 40 million tons, produces various fresh bamboo shoots more than 30,000 tons. Bamboo industry has formed bamboo building materials, full bamboo paper making, bamboo crafts, bamboo household item and bamboo processing etc, five major categories including more than 300 varieties. The city has more than 200 kinds of bamboo processing enterprises. In these enterprises, the output value of 10 million yuan has 5, the scale of 100 million yuan has 18.

2).Tourism Resources: Chishui is one of the best tourism city in China. In 1994, according to the administrative regions, it was named ¡°Chishui National Scenic Area¡±. The scenic area is 328 square kilometers. It consists of Ten-zhang Waterfall area, Four Waterfall Valley area, Bamboo Forest area, Protecting Cyathea area etc, ten scenic spots and other 36 independent spots. It is known for its original rustic and natural formation. Green Mountain, Green Water and Red Rock have created ¡°mysterious Chishui¡±. Blue Bamboo Forest, beautiful Cyathea, variety of DanXia Stones, different waterfalls and original forests formed the China and the world¡¯s most fascinating nature pictures. The experts at home and abroad describe Chishui as ¡°Hometown of Bamboo¡±, ¡°City of the  Thousand Waterfalls¡±, ¡° Crown of DanXia¡±, ¡°Kingdom of Cyathea¡±, ¡°Site of Long March¡±. It is the ideal base for people to eco-tourism, health tourism, back to nature and traditional revolutionary education.

3).Energy Resources. There are 352 rivers within the territory, water resources reserves of 356,900 kilowatts, which can be developed 23.26 million kilowatts. Chishui is  the first batch of 100 electrification counties(cities). Mineral resources include natural gas, coal, brine and silica sand. Proven natural gas reserves of 25.5 billion cubic meters. It is the largest gas field in Guizhou Province. It annual outputs up to 180 million cubia meters

4).Product Resources. :Main special products: Bamboo Shoots, Vinegar, Bacon, Insect Tea, Dendrobium Tea, Red Chishui ecological food and all kinds of bamboo products, bamboo crafts.

¢ò. Overviewing the economic and social development of Chishui.

With the leadership of the Chishui CPC Committee and Chishui People Government, the people of Chishui inherit and carry on the Red Army ¡°crossing the Chishui River Four Times¡± spirit, closely around the development ideas "ecological city, tourism City, Bamboo Strong City", emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, working hard and perseveringly, fighting in unity, forging ahead, making efforts to achieve and maintain Chishui¡¯s society and economy growth rapidly, sustainedly, stably and healthily.

In 2010, the city¡¯s GDP 3.41 completed 3.41 billion yuan, up 19.1%, financial revenue 320 million yuan, up 32.89%, fixed asset investment 3.305 billion yuan, up 47.2%, farmer capital income 4569 yuan, up 14.3%. The city presents the situation that economy development, political stability, society progress, people live and work. peacefully and contentedly..

Chishui was approved and named as Chishui National Scenic Spots, Chishui Cyathea National Nature Reserves, National Ecological construction Demonstrative Zone, National Landscape Advanced City, Splendid National Environment Comprehensive Improvement City, National Soil and Water Ecological Conservation Environment Construction Demonstrative City, Advanced National Forestry Ecological Construction City, Advanced National Civilized Villages and Towns construction city, National Scientific Demonstrative city, National Model Green City £¬National nature rare fish in up reach of ChangJiang reserve by the State Council and the Relevant State Ministries.

On August 2, 2010, 6 landform scenic cities including Chishui to declare heritage, have been approved by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and listed on the World Heritage List. On November 10, 2010, international leisure industry Association officially named chishui city--"international best leisure tourist city", and granting of licences.