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The Key to the Mysterious Chishui

¡ï The world nature heritage----Chuishui danxia in China

¡ï The best international leisure tourism city

¡ï National Scenic District of Chishui

¡ï The Creation base of Chinese Photographers Association

¡ï The Creation base of Chinese Writers Association


"China.Chishui" website is the only official website to propagandize Chishui. It is holded by Chishui CPC Committee and Chishui People Goveronment. It can propagandize Chishui¡¯s development strategy ¡°ecological sign city, tourism encouraging city, strong city in bamboo¡± timely and accurately. It revolves the main tone ¡°acceleration and overtaking, transition spans, all-round development, strong city promoting position¡±, speed up the new industrialization and modernization of agriculture, tourism and integration of urban and rural areas. Trying to create an unique ecological economic city.

¡°China.Chishui¡± website launched the live video on the website, which is the leader of the similar sites in Guizhou province. It can help people to understand the magnificent landform of danxia and the main scenic spot timely, conveniently, safely.

¡°China.Chishui¡± website is illustrated, it has beautiful layout, prominent features, rich contents, rich personalization. As long as you scan the ¡°China.Chishui¡± website, you can understand the economy, society and culture, natural resources, red resource and the folk customs of Chishui ,as well as the five characteristics ¡°Top of Danxia Geology¡±, ¡°Kingdom of Spindle Trees¡±, ¡°Homeland of Bamboo¡±, ¡°City of Waterfalls¡± and ¡°Relic of Long March¡± by the rich texts, elegant pictures, and splendid videos..

¡°China.Chishui¡± website will make you feel that you come to the most beautiful place in China---Chishui in Guizhou, where the Chishui Great Falls Scenic District, Four Waterfall Valley, Bamboo Forest Park, Foguangyan Scenic Spot, Yanzi Rock, Red Rock Wild Valley Scenic Spot are waiting for you. The green mountain, green water, red rock, rippling bamboo sea, charming spindle trees, strange danxia stone, different rhythms of waterfall, primitive forest will be waiting for you here.